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Professional SwiftUI for iOS Development

2 days
€ 1395 excl. BTW


Elevate your engineering potential with our SwiftUI Professional Development Training. We're not just talking about a step forward; this is a leap into the next generation of iOS development. In this training, you'll learn to harness the power of SwiftUI's declarative syntax, revolutionizing how we approach UI design.

Our program enables you to translate theoretical concepts into practical know-how. You'll master the art of crafting user interfaces that are not only visually striking but also efficient and intuitive. Join us to discover the future of iOS development and become a trailblazer in your field.


SwiftUI, Apple's groundbreaking UI framework, is transforming software development. With increasing adoption by Apple engineers and businesses alike, there's never been a better time to learn this innovative technology.  

Our immersive 2-day training program provides a solid grounding in SwiftUI and its practical applications. You'll gain firsthand experience with SwiftUI's most critical features as you tackle real-world projects, learning to fully utilize the framework's declarative syntax.

Target audience

iOS Developers Seeking SwiftUI Proficiency: This course is a launchpad for iOS developers eager to stay at the forefront of UI design trends. It offers a comprehensive introduction to SwiftUI, giving you the tools to build more efficient and visually compelling applications.

Swift Developers Eager to Level Up: For Swift developers ready to amplify their skills, our course provides a prime opportunity. You'll dive into the realm of SwiftUI, leveraging your existing Swift expertise to create more intuitive and error-free UIs.


What to expect from this training?

The training begins with an exploration of SwiftUI's foundational principles and innovative syntax. You'll then engage with its most important features, such as State and Binding, data flow integration, and view usage. Remember, true mastery comes from hands-on practice; be prepared for an immersive, coding-intensive environment.

By the end of this training, you'll be capable of leveraging the full potential of SwiftUI, proficient in crafting efficient, interactive, and visually pleasing interfaces that are a pleasure to interact with and a joy to develop. Bring along your late model MacBook, and get ready to reshape your future with SwiftUI!

Topics Covered in this Training:

  • Introduction to SwiftUI: Understanding the fundamentals and advantages of SwiftUI as a revolutionary UI framework.
  • SwiftUI Views: Exploring essential views such as Image, Text, Button, TextField, and more.
  • Data Flow and State Management: Utilizing SwiftUI's powerful state management features, including State, Binding, and ObservableObject.
  • Handling User Input: Implementing user interactions with gestures, buttons, and form elements.
  • Navigation and Tab Views: Navigating between different screens and building tab-based interfaces.
  • Animations and Transitions: Creating engaging and fluid animations to enhance the user experience.
  • Custom Views and Modifiers: Building reusable components and applying custom styling with modifiers.
  • Networking and API Integration: Fetching and displaying data from web APIs within your SwiftUI app.
  • Persistence and Data Storage: Implementing data persistence using Core Data or SwiftUI's built-in storage mechanisms.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring your app is accessible to all users by implementing accessibility features.

By covering these topics, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of SwiftUI and its practical applications. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you'll develop the skills to create captivating and highly functional user interfaces using SwiftUI. Get ready to unlock the full potential of SwiftUI and elevate your iOS development capabilities!

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About the trainer

Joost Verrijt

Meet our esteemed trainer: Joost Verrijt. A seasoned Mac and iOS developer with a wealth of experience in the field. With a passion for technology that stretches back to 2004 when he acquired his first Mac, he has been at the forefront of iOS development since the introduction of the initial SDK.

His impressive track record includes the creation of numerous successful apps, both as personal endeavors and for Fortune 500 companies. These apps have garnered high ratings and have been embraced by millions of users worldwide. His expertise in crafting applications that strike the perfect balance between functionality and user experience is truly unmatched.

Benefit from our trainer's extensive knowledge and practical experience, as he imparts invaluable insights and best practices throughout the SwiftUI Professional Development Training. Get ready to learn from a true industry expert who is passionate about sharing his expertise and helping you excel in your iOS development journey.


When will there be new training dates?

We are currently planning new trainings. Do you want to be updated of new training dates? Sign up via this form.

What is the location of the training?

The training course will be held at our office in Leiden, Dellaertweg 9-E, next to Leiden Central Station. Parking can be in the surrounding parking garages at walking distance from the office. You can also ask for a custom training at your own location when you have multiple colleagues that want to follow the training. Contact us for possibilities.

What time is the training and what is included?

The training will be held between 9:00-17:00, but exact details will be communicated well before the start of the training. Lunch and drinks are included.

In what language is the training?

The training can be given in Dutch or English, depending on the language of the participants.

What should I bring with me to the training session(s)?

You will need to bring your own laptop with the necessary development environment set up to participate in the coding exercises and projects.

Will there be any follow-up support after the training?

Participants will have access to our Slack community, where they can stay in touch with each other and seek clarifications or assistance with any questions that arise after the training.

What if I can't attend after registering?

If you find yourself unable to attend the course after registering, don't worry! We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. Until 14 days before the training starts, you can get a refund. After that, you have the option to reschedule your participation with another course date. To reschedule, please reach out to academy@fresh-minds.nl. Kindly note that rescheduling is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of our rescheduling policy.