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Augmented Reality (AR) Development for Professionals

1 day
€ 795 excl. BTW


Welcome to the world of augmented reality (AR) development, where imagination and technology converge to create captivating digital experiences. In this dynamic and transformative field, opportunities abound for those eager to shape the future of interactive reality.

Imagine architects and interior designers using AR to visualize and showcase their designs in real-time, allowing clients to explore virtual spaces and make informed decisions before construction even begins. Medical professionals can leverage AR to improve patient outcomes, with the ability to overlay anatomical models or visualize complex procedures, enhancing surgical precision and training opportunities.

In the realm of education, AR opens up a new world of interactive and immersive learning experiences. Students can engage with historical events by virtually stepping into the past, or explore the depths of the ocean without leaving the classroom. Museums and cultural institutions can augment exhibits with additional information, creating interactive and enriching experiences for visitors.

Our training program is designed to unlock the secrets of AR development and empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring your wildest ideas to life. Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to expand your expertise or a curious beginner taking your first steps, this immersive learning experience will guide you through the intricacies of AR creation.


What is covered by this course?

Whether you're a seasoned C# developer looking to delve into AR or someone new to both Unity and AR development, we have the perfect learning path for you. We offer two flavours to cater to your specific needs and background.

Flavor 1: Unity Basics and AR Development (Recommended for those without Unity knowledge)

If you are new to Unity, this flavor is tailored to provide you with a solid foundation in both Unity and AR development. We will start by introducing you to the Unity environment, its interface, and essential concepts. You'll gain an understanding of Unity's scripting language, C#, and its integration with Unity's powerful features.

Throughout this introductory phase, you'll learn how to create interactive scenes, manipulate objects, and implement basic gameplay mechanics in Unity. This preparatory knowledge will equip you with the necessary skills to transition seamlessly into AR development.

Once you are familiar with the Unity basics, we will dive into the exciting world of AR. You'll explore AR concepts, such as marker detection, tracking, and object placement. Through hands-on exercises and guided projects, you will gain practical experience in building AR applications, gradually advancing from simple AR interactions to more complex and immersive experiences.

Flavor 2: AR Development for Unity Experts (Recommended for those familiar with Unity)

For individuals who already possess a solid foundation in Unity, this flavor allows you to skip the introductory Unity tutorials and dive directly into AR development. With your existing knowledge of Unity and C#, we will focus on leveraging Unity's AR-specific tools, libraries, and frameworks to develop engaging and interactive AR applications.

Through a series of in-depth modules and practical exercises, we will explore advanced AR topics, such as surface detection, plane tracking, and spatial mapping. You'll discover techniques for realistic object rendering, lighting, and interaction in AR environments, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in augmented reality.

Whichever flavor you choose, our instructor will guide you through the intricacies of AR development, providing comprehensive explanations, code samples, and hands-on support.

By the end of this training, you will have developed a solid understanding of AR development principles, regardless of your previous Unity experience. Whether you are new to Unity or an experienced Unity developer, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create captivating AR experiences that bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

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About the trainer

Jasper Rouwhorst

Jasper Rouwhorst is an ardent enthusiast of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). His journey into the realm of AR/VR began with the development of captivating VR games, where he explored innovative ways to engage and immerse players in virtual worlds. Through these experiences, Jasper honed his skills in crafting interactive and immersive digital environments.

Building upon this foundation, Jasper embarked on a groundbreaking venture in the field of plastic surgery. Recognizing the potential of AR technology to enhance the patient experience, Jasper developed cutting-edge mobile AR applications that enable patients to preview the potential results of plastic surgery procedures. By leveraging AR, individuals can make more informed decisions and visualize the transformative outcomes before undergoing surgery.

Join Jasper in this immersive training experience, and embark on a journey where you will discover the limitless possibilities of AR/VR. Through his guidance and expertise, you will gain valuable insights and practical skills, empowering you to shape the future of augmented and virtual reality.


When will there be new training dates?

We are currently planning new trainings. Do you want to be updated of new training dates? Sign up via this form.

What is the location of the training?

The training course will be held at our office in Leiden, Dellaertweg 9-E, next to Leiden Central Station. Parking can be in the surrounding parking garages at walking distance from the office. You can also ask for a custom training at your own location when you have multiple colleagues that want to follow the training. Contact us for possibilities.

What time is the training and what is included?

The training will be held between 9:00-17:00, but exact details will be communicated well before the start of the training. Lunch and drinks are included.

In what language is the training?

The training can be given in Dutch or English, depending on the language of the participants.

What should I bring with me to the training session(s)?

You will need to bring your own laptop with the necessary development environment set up to participate in the coding exercises and projects.

Will there be any follow-up support after the training?

Participants will have access to our Slack community, where they can stay in touch with each other and seek clarifications or assistance with any questions that arise after the training.

What if I can't attend after registering?

If you find yourself unable to attend the course after registering, don't worry! We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. Until 14 days before the training starts, you can get a refund. After that, you have the option to reschedule your participation with another course date. To reschedule, please reach out to academy@fresh-minds.nl. Kindly note that rescheduling is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of our rescheduling policy.